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tips for a more beautiful beard


Look at yourself: explore your strengths

Combine the style of your beard with the shape of your face. Be it to accentuate your features or to disguise something that bothers you. The beard can transform a man’s appearance, so use it to your advantage. You do not have to have a beard like the one you saw on Pinterest or the internet: every beard is unique and you should explore it. And once again you will need the help of a good barber for this. An experienced professional will know which cuticle will look best on your face and what care you should take to keep your wires current.

Take care: keep a kit always by your side

In addition to the shampoo, always have a kit with scissors, beard oil, balm and comb. The shampoo cleans, the oil helps to hydrate the threads, the balm aligns and gives volume to the hair, the scissors eliminates that hair that grew before the others and is standing out, the comb and the brush help the wires to stay in the right place and , in the case of long beards, combing prevents them from getting embarrassed and with knots, besides eliminating accumulated debris.

Policeman: Avoid Bad Habits

Try to avoid getting your hands on your beard at all times. Our hands carry many bacteria that you would prefer to keep away from your beard. For example, you touch the railing of your building, then tinker with money, greet the neighbor with a handshake, and finally take your fingers and all the dirt: to your beard! In addition to the risk of causing some kind of allergy or skin irritation, this habit helps to leave the opaque, excess oily, weak wires and can even cause hair loss.


As we can see, it is not uncommon to keep a beard well cared for, just change some habits and add others. Do you have any questions or want to show how it has made your beard look beautiful? Leave your comment!

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